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The Best Tacos Ever!

The first video! I am extremely excited to see how this goes! Let the journey begin.

The Best Tacos Ever! I mean who doesn’t love a good taco?

These tacos are really super juicy and they are topped off with an unbeatable spicy salsa! If you are looking for a nice irresistable recipe, This is the one.

Many people think what are so special about tacos after all, arent they like a sandwhich but Mexican?

My answer is NO!

Yes, each individual flavour has it’s own aspect to it. But all those flavours combined can just create something… well…. Flavourful!

This is also one of my beleifs of cooking: Food is a mixture of different ingredients made by someone who cares about delivering flavour.

Let’s talk about the fundamentals of a taco before we get started:

First we need some meat. In our case we are adding a favourite pan fried chicken

Salsa is next. We are adding in a personal favorite hot salsa.

Finally some cheese. In our case we are adding some grated mozzarella.

One more thing: You may want to watch the video here:

Here is the recipe:


◦ 1 Tsp Italian Seasoning

◦ 1/3 Tsp Pepper

◦ 1/2 Tsp Salt

◦ 1/3 Tsp Paprika

◦ 2 Cups of Boneless Chicken

◦ 1 Lemon

◦ 3 1/2 Tomatoes

◦ 1 Onion

◦ 3 Green Chillies

◦ 1 Tsp Oil for cooking the chicken

◦ Grated Cheese for topping

◦ Spring Onions for topping

1. Combine the first four ingredients in a small bowl and add that to the chicken. Squeeze the lemon juice and let the chicken marinade for 1-2 hours

2. Add in 1 1/2 tomatoes finely chopped to a bowl and add the onions and 2 green chillies finely chopped as well. Mix it well

3. On a Low heat cook the tomatoes and green chillies until the sides begin to char. Add them into a blender to create a paste.

4. Add the tomato and chilli mixture to the salsa and refrigerate it.

5. Now cook the marinaded chicken on a pan until it is perfectly cooked with a beautiful skin.

6. Serve the tacos with chicken, Salsa, Cheese and Spring Onions and we are done!

Now all that is left to do is enjoy!


  • For a vegetarian alternative swap the chicken out for tofu

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